LeAnn Rimes is doing a lot better after checking herself into a rehabilitation facility, it has been reported.

The country singer voluntarily admitted herself into the undisclosed centre to deal with mounting anxiety and stress.

A source close to LeAnn claims that the 30-day treatment is making a huge difference.

"She's already feeling better, stronger," a friend revealed to People magazine.

The troubled star sought help following an emotional meltdown apparently sparked over her suspicions that husband Eddie Cibrian was cheating.

LeAnn is now also caught in a legal battle with schoolteacher Kimberly Smiley.

"I'm happy and healthy. I just want to be happier and healthier more consistently," LeAnn confessed previously.

"I don't want to wake up and not truly be enjoying my life and these amazing things around me."

LeAnn is expected to take a temporary break from her treatment to honour previous commitments to perform in three concerts in the Midwest this weekend.