Kevin Hart says Kanye West is "off limits" in his MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) speech.

The American actor-and-comedian will host the famous ceremony on Thursday. He warned that no celebrities are safe from receiving a tongue lashing from him - apart from Kanye West and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian. The couple helped Kevin out by starring alongside him in a promo for the ceremony.

"That's my guy, and he did a favour for me, so I can't really tease him right now," Kevin explained to ET Online. "He definitely came through in a last minute crunch for me and poured out that commercial, which was funny and cool. So, no, Kanye is off-limits. I won't tease him. [He] and Kim are off the starting block. They're OK."

The outspoken comic promised that his opening speech will include lots of juicy celebrity anecdotes from events over the last year. In true VMAs style, Kevin will address all the biggest scandals from the music industry in his tongue-in-cheek way.

"The monologue that I have planned, I'm pointing out a lot of things that people have thought and that people want addressed. I'm going to be the voice to address these things," Kevin teased.

One subject that could be up for a comedy grilling is the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart affair scandal. Kevin shared his opinions on the relationship troubles faced by the young actors, hinting it may feature in his comments at the awards.

"It's ridiculous! What is Robert doing? Get over it! You're a star! Go get a model," the comedian said of Robert, before sharing his thoughts on Kristen. "Good for her; she's young... She's supposed to [cheat]. This is when you do it. You don't wait 'til you're 45 to do it."