Rita Ora was flown to New York City on an airline she "didn't know existed" by Jay-Z.

Rita was surprised that the hip-hop star’s record label Roc Nation got her to travel in economy class. The British star explained her first reactions.

"No, Jay-Z didn't fly me to New York first class. Even the biggest make you pay and work your way through! Now I'm so grateful for it," Rita joked during a UK radio interview. "I turned up at the airport and went to Air India, I didn't even know they existed and they flew me economy. They didn't even check I had my seatbelt on."

The 21-year-old giggled that her return trip was a totally different matter. Music mogul Jay-Z bought her 50 pairs of sports shoes after they were introduced when she was 18.

“I came back with 50 more pairs of trainers than I had before. What happened was during our first meeting I scuffed one of my trainers and wiped a bit off. Jay-Z said, 'You don't need to do that,’ and he took me to get new ones!" the R.I.P. singer gushed.