Katy Perry appeared “shy” as she approached a group of businessmen during a night out this week.

The star has returned to the dating scene following the end of her marriage to Russell Brand. After being linked to a series of stars, most recently John Mayer, it seems Katy could be on the lookout for a less famous suitor.

The singer was partying at Soho House in West Hollywood on Wednesday night, when she decided to speak to a table of guys in suits.

"[Katy] looked timid and shy while standing there, like lingering to be introduced to everyone," a source told People. "She waited patiently to get introduced to some members of the group but most of them seemed otherwise distracted."

The 27-year-old star finally got the attention of three members of the group. Katy reportedly spoke to them in a “character-like cutest voice”, but the conversation is said to have died out quickly.

"[Katy] made an exit about five minutes after standing with the group," the onlooker added.

Katy wasn’t the only famous face at Soho House that evening.

British actor Tom Hardy was also there with a group of friends. The star was spotted laughing and joking as he sipped a cocktail.

"He looked like he was enjoying a very low-key night out," the source explained.