Katie Price is spending thousands of pounds on horses in the hope she will be chosen for Team GB at the next Olympic Games.

Katie Price wants to compete in the next Olympic Games.

The former glamour model is so keen to be selected for Team GB at the 2016 event - which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - that she is spending thousands of pounds on new horses in her bid for sporting success.

She said: "I've brought two more show jumpers and I'm going to start competing. I'm just concentrating on my horses now. They mean the world to me - I'd love to do the Olympics. I'm ambitious and love what I do."

The keen horse rider - who is engaged to Argentine model Leandro Penna and has three children from previous relationships - thinks she has a good chance of being chosen for the event and after seeing the success of the British team at the London games it has made her even more determined to be involved. She told The Sun newspaper: "Watch out for the horses. I'm loving working with them. I'm not in competition with anyone but with myself. I have a tick list of things that I'd love to do, I just can't do it all."

She has previously made an appearance at the prestigious Horse of the Year show and she was also successful when she competed in dressage at Hickstead, West Sussex, South England.