Matt Bellamy helped deliver his baby son Bingham, even though fiancee Kate Hudson had asked him not to watch her giving birth.

Matt Bellamy helped deliver his baby son.

The Muse rocker "got his hands dirty" at the birth of Bingham in July 2011, even though his fiancee Kate Hudson - who has eight-year-old son Ryder from a previous marriage to Chris Robinson - didn't want him to be so close during her labour.

Matt told Q magazine: "Oh yeah, I was there at the birth. I was watching the whole thing. I was holding her leg up when she pushed him out. She didn't want me to watch but I was in there, getting my hands dirty, so to speak."

The 34-year-old singer also admitted joining the band when he was a teenager stopped him from going off the rails.

He said: "My teenage years were pretty chaotic. By 17, 18, I was living with a close friend, who became a drug dealer and went to prison.

"Looking back, I was very close to slipping down that road. Being in the band was very cathartic for me."

And the 'Survival' hitmaker says he feels more at ease on stage than anywhere else.

He said: "I actually feel more relaxed on stage than anywhere else. There's so much kerfuffle and faff building up to it but then you just let your hair down and enjoy it."