Tinchy Stryder isn't rushing the release of either of his new albums, 'Full Tank', and 'End of Life on Earth'.

Tinchy Stryder isn't rushing the release of his new album.

The rapper is thought to be working on two records simultaneously, 'Full Tank', and 'End of Life on Earth', and taking his time to perfect them before he will either be released.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I don't feel like rushing albums, I want each album to have one story. I'm always in the studio, I've recorded lots of new material recently, so I'm going to get some other songs together, and want it to sound just right."

Tinchy has been performing his new single, 'Help Me'- to be included on 'End of Life on Earth'- live recently, which is a track which has a specific message.

He added: "It's one of those songs where I'm saying, 'Help me,' as in I'm about to do something crazy; and it's like a call, a cry out for help really.

"I write about lots, my day-to-day life, relationships, business, music, my surrounding, sometimes you can just be sitting at home and the smallest things can give me an idea of something to write about."

The message of 'Help Me' is one which will may have resonated with those who attended Tinchy's headline show alongside Maximo Park for The Peace Mix project last night at London's Roundhouse venue.

Peace Mix was started in response to riots in London last year, and encourages young people to stay out of trouble and get involved in music.

Tinchy and Maximo Park were supported by the two winners of the Peace Mix Mic Relay competition, Georgie Rose and Ricky Fleming, who had submitted their vocals for an especially created track, 'Going For Gold'.