Kelly Osbourne’s "craziest" fan experience involved her receiving teeth.

The TV star has amassed a wealth of admirers since appearing on the reality series The Osbournes with her family. However, the 27-year-old admits that sometimes her fans can be a little strange.

"sending me their teeth! (sic)," the star exclaimed when asked what her "craziest" fan experience has been.

Kelly is the daughter of Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne. The fashion commentator responded to a fan question about growing up with a “rock star”.

"I have nothing else to compare it to. All I can say is rock star or not I have an amazing father! (sic)," she gushed.

One admirer was keen to find out the most rock star thing Kelly has ever done. The star came over coy when responding to the subject.

"NO comment sorry i will have to plead the 5th! (sic)," she teased, before the fan replied: "Aw, okay! I bet it's really juicy but I understand! :) (sic)."