Gavin Rossdale doesn't look back on old performances as he'd rather "live in the moment".

The Bush frontman is currently touring with Nickelback. Gavin tends to avoid reminiscing about past stage performances as he'd rather look forward with his career.

"I've just always loved it," he told kerrang! magazine when asked how playing live now compares to past shows. "I never really think about myself [in the past] - I can't do it.

"I just like being in the moment. There's much less concern and worry if you live completely in the moment."

Gavin splits his time between Los Angeles and London with his wife Gwen Stefani and their two children. The singer likes playing in the UK capital as it's convenient for his home life.

"The thing I love about touring in England is you can tour anywhere and still be home by the morning," he said. "I've got a totally wicked bus too. It's got everything I need - a front area for everyone to hang out in, and a back area that's a bit more cut-off and private."