The Wanted believe their fans would be tough enough to take on their boyband rive One Direction's.

The Wanted thinks their fans are tough enough to take on One Direction fans.

The British band - made up of Tom Parker, Max George, Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaren - admit they probably do not have as many supporters as their pop rivals but think their strength would be more than a match for the other fans if a fight broke out.

Max said: "I wouldn't advise One Direction fans to fight with ours because our fans are really tough.

"Although, the quantity of theirs is probably a little bit larger. So, I think it'd be a good fight."

Despite their rivalry with their fellow Brits, they have supported Prince Harry, who was recently photographed naked in a Las Vegas hotel room cavorting with two girls.

Tom told 'Access Hollywood': "He's a wild one. He's done a few things that are like, 'Did he really just do that?' He's had a few head-slapping moments!

"I think everyone can relate to him because he's just a normal guy, even though he is a prince."

The Wanted recently had trouble with their fans when some became angry that a new website required them to pay £100 a year to become a member.

For the staggering sum, fans receive exclusive content such as webchats, behind-the-scenes video and first listens to new tracks.

Amy Lawson, 17, from south London, tweeted: "Wantedworld is a money-grabbing scheme and a total rip-off, and I think it's taking advantage of fans."

Others tweeted to point out that One Direction and JLS give their fan club members special features free.