Gavin Rossdale has rubbished claims that "men can't multitask".

The Bush frontman is currently on tour with Canadian rock band Nickelback. Gavin insists being on the road is no easy feat, and he rarely has time to relax.

"I never sit around anywhere! I'm always doing stuff. It's not true when they say men can't multitask!" he teased in an interview with kerrang! magazine. "On the [tour] bus I'm either playing or listening to music, speaking to journalists.... or avoiding journalists!

"There are so many things going on."

Gavin has revealed what fans can expect from Bush's upcoming shows. The 46-year-old singer says he still has an unwavering passion for sharing his music with fans.

"The mantra I've always lived by is that every show is my last. So it doesn't matter where I am, and if I'm playing to 500 people or 20,000 - I just get lost in the moment," he enthused. "There'll also be lots of songs, and it'll be hot!"