The Killers have admitted they “love the Spice Girls”.

The American rock band spoke about their impressions of the London Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, which they watched despite being abroad.

Drummer Ronnie Vannucci hugely enjoyed both TV spectacles and let slip that he found the Spice Girls’ performance hugely entertaining.

"The opening ceremony was the craziest thing I've ever seen," Ronnie told NME. "It impressed me a lot… I love the Spice Girls. I thought the Muse thing was cool. The Queen thing was cool."

Frontman Brandon Flowers added that his bandmates were glued to the screen while watching the international sporting event, despite technical issues.

The Killers were playing a European gig and watched the closing ceremony from behind the scenes.

Despite the faulty technology, Brandon praised the performers for putting on a great show.

"We were backstage in Budapest trying to watch it, but we couldn't get any sound. But Brian May looked like he was owning it," he said.