Ice-T thinks having a "nemesis" in hip hop "fuels good rap".

The star was dissed by LL Cool J in his 90's rap To Da Break Of Dawn, and the rivalry continued thereafter.

Ice-T didn't mind the derogatory comments, as he thinks it formed the basis for an exciting dispute.

"You need a nemesis in hip hop. It's part of what fuels good rap," he told NME magazine. "L was coming out of New York saying he was the best rapper in the world. I was trying to get my feet out of LA. You can't have someone saying they're the best if you're trying to.

"We had a little hip hop thing but it was never serious."

Ice-T appeared on game show The Weakest Link back in 2001. The 54-year-old star insists he doesn't wish to repeat the anxiety-inducing experience.

"It was f**king nerve-wracking. You're up there and that lady [TV presenter Anne Robinson] is asking questions. Game shows seem fun until you're on them, then you're sitting there sh*ting because you don't want to look like an idiot," he quipped.