Nicki Minaj views Lil Wayne as somewhat of a father figure.

The rap starlet was discovered by him in 2009 and was signed to his Young Money Entertainment record label.

At the start of her career, Lil Wayne provided Nicki with a sort of musical tutelage.

Now that Nicki has reached superstardom, she has noticed that her relationship with Lil Wayne has changed.

“I usually pick the beat when me and Wayne do something,” she told MTV News.

“I went to Miami and I started grilling him like, 'Hey, why don't you lecture me anyone?' and he says, 'you made it already I ain't got to tell you s**t.

“[It’s] real funny. It's like having a strict parent and when you no longer have it [you] kinda want that. I told him, 'I miss when you would lecture me and tell me to keep on my grind and do this do and do that — where's the love?' ”

Although she’s matured so much as an artist, Nicki will never stop seeking advice from Lil Wayne.

“He's always gonna be my mentor,” she said.