Beth Ditto says the morning is her favourite time of day.

The Gossip lead singer enjoys waking up early so she can spend some time on her own. She likes to listen to music and do household chores without interruption.

“This time of day is my favourite,” Beth revealed to UK TV show BBC Breakfast. “I love the morning. I love it. Nobody’s up, you’re doing your own thing. I like to listen to Loretta Lynn and mop the floor in the morning.”

Beth has been part of American band Gossip for 13 years. They burst onto the music scene in 2006 when they hit the big time with their catchy rock anthems.

The band is currently promoting fifth studio album A Joyful Noise, which sees them embrace a more disco friendly vibe. Beth admits she is not a fan of listening to the new material they have produced.

“I think it’s painful watching and listening to yourself. It’s not my favourite thing. I’d rather listen to other people’s music,” Beth explained.”Our new sound it’s more electronic and more pop. More mellow. I listened to it once and then never again. It is so slow.”