Rita Ora thinks Beyoncé Knowles' daughter Blue Ivy will grow into "a gangster" when she is older.

Rita has joked Beyoncé and Jay-Z's tot will cause the superstar couple problems as she blossoms. The stunning singer - who is rap mogul Jay-Z's protégée - thinks Blue Ivy will be a handful for her parents as she turns into an attractive young woman.

"She's beautiful. She's the cutest baby ever. She's going to be such a gangster when she grows up," Rita joked to Glamour Online. "She's gonna be very beautiful. She's gonna be a problem."

Rita looks to Beyoncé as an inspiration for both her music career and future family plans. The 21-year-old idolises the way the superstar juggles all the different aspects of her life. Rita believes Beyoncé is almost superhuman with the way she remains at the top of her game in everything she does.

"It's so inspiring to see her be the most successful artist in her genre and have a kid at the same time. Literally, sometimes, I just feel like she's a super hero," Rita gushed.

"It's hard to go on tour, have a new album, have a kid, always look great. And one day, I would love to do the same thing. When I'm old enough, and have a family, and be in a happy relationship and have a kid. And be, you know, the best singer I can possibly be. So no one is looking to have a kid right now. I'm not going to have a baby until I'm around 30 something."