Johnny Depp could join Alice Cooper on tour.

The Poison rock star has invited his friend Johnny to join him for his band's next gig. The 64-year-old veteran performer thinks the Pirates of the Caribbean star will be a great addition as he has jammed with Johnny before.

“Johnny came to Hollywood to play guitar. He didn’t come as an actor at all," Alice revealed to British newspaper The Sun. “I always say to him, ‘If you really want to go out on tour, let me know and you can come with us.’ I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.”

Alice’s career spans more than four decades and he is regularly hailed as one of rock music's greatest stars. The star has an impressive heavy metal scream, something he claims contemporary rockers have failed to perfect. Alice advises aspiring artists to be brave, bold and look to the genre's legendary figures of the past for inspiration.

“Don’t get into wimp rock. Be a rock star. Listen to Iggy and the Stooges, early Who, early Rolling Stones," Alice continued. “Bands are so timid. Every time I see a new band I go, ‘Why are you so afraid to be a rock star?’ Be an obnoxious rock ‘n’ roller. Get rid of your corduroys.”