Mel B “feels lucky” to have had so much fan support during the Spice Girls’ Olympic performance.

The legendary British girl group reunited for the first time in half a decade at the London Olympic Closing Ceremony Sunday.

Mel B is grateful that she and her four other original bandmates – Mel C, Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton – managed to fit this special occasion into all of their busy schedules.

“Well you know the eye of the storm is really calm, so we're right in the middle of it. We were just hanging out every day and rehearsing with all of our kids and just spending time together,” Mel B told MTV News.

“We just all decided we wanted to be a part of it and it was an opportunity. It was about time we'd gotten together. We haven't been together in five years. And it's been a great year for Britain this year and we thought 'How perfect would that be to be a part of the Olympics?’ We all decided to do it and it all happened within like two to three weeks. We all synced up our diaries and schedules and made it happen.”