Victoria Beckham kept crew at the Olympic closing ceremony entertained when she had a "pretend tantrum" to make fun of her "diva persona".

The singer-turned-fashion designer reunited with her Spice Girls bandmates Emma Bunton, Mel C, Mel B and Geri Halliwell for the stunning spectacle in London last Sunday.

Victoria was a joy to work alongside during rehearsals, despite rumours she was initially reluctant to take part in the much-hyped reunion.

"Victoria is totally different to the person you see on the front row at fashion shows. She let herself relax during the rehearsals. She was joking around with everyone, even really junior members of the production team and making fun of herself and her 'diva' persona," a source told British magazine Heat.

"At one point she had a pretend tantrum when she was told she’d be wearing flat shoes for some of the run-throughs. She said, ‘Don’t you know I don’t do flats?!’”

The insider revealed that the rest of the group also maintained a down-to-earth nature despite being arguably the event's biggest attraction.

The five-piece came onto the set devoid of any egos.

“They didn’t have huge entourages, they were happy just to show up and get on with what needed to be done," the source added. “They knew what an honour it was to even be asked, and despite tensions in the past it reminded them how much they’ve all been through together."