Tom DeLonge never gets sick of playing shows in the UK as he sees the fans as his "twin brothers and sisters".

The musician is the singer and guitarist for America pop punk band Blink-182 - also comprising of Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker.

The band is currently doing a string of shows in the UK and Tom couldn't be happier about it.

"No, the UK is like our twin brothers and sisters across the ocean. We feel more at home here than anywhere else in the world," he told Kerrang! magazine. "Have I picked up any aspects of English culture? Well, I'm not drinking tea yet, but I have found myself eating a lot more chips."

Tom has revealed why the group performed the extra shows. They wanted to take advantage of their spare time to share their music with their dedicated fans.

"Travis' schedule dictated a lot of the planning on this tour and we had this open spot, so we decided to throw something in for the core fans. It's like a celebration of the legacy of the band," he told the UK publication.