Hot on the heels of the news that the late-Adam Yauch stipulated in his will that none of his music was to be used for advertising purposes, the remaining Beastie Boys have sued Monster Energy Drink for unauthorized use of their recordings.

The suit was filed in New York federal court by Yauch's widow, Denchen and the executors of the estate along with group members Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz stating that the company used parts of four songs (Sabotage, So Whatcha Want, Make Some Noise, Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun) in a promotional video for the energy drink. They also claim that the company allowed a 23-minute medley of their music, which included 26 different songs, to be downloaded via a DJ set. Because of the actions, the plaintiffs say that "the public was confused into believing that plaintiffs sponsored, endorsed and are associated with defendant Monster in promoting defendant Monster's productions and promotional events."

Not only are they asking Monster to stop using the music, but they are seeking $150,000 per infringement.

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