Justin Bieber says that he wants to develop his acting skills.

The pint-sized pop star is well known for his legion of screaming fans and catchy tunes.

But the Canadian phenomenon told E! News that he wants to be able to do it all.

“I hope to do some more acting,” he shared. “I have only done a few things like CSI, but I really want to do some more acting.”

“Mark Wahlberg and I, we’ve been working on a script for a long time now… I mean it’s like a little basketball concept.”

Justin has his hands busy with an upcoming tour kicking off in September and a high-profile relationship with girlfriend Selena Gomez but he says he makes time to fit it all in.

“It’s just about keeping close family around and getting that time for yourself and to really have alone time and hang out with your friends and stuff like that,” he shared.