Pink was grounded for watching MTV when she was young.

The pop singer was banned from watching the music video channel when she was growing up. The star is now a regular face on MTV with her best-selling singles and is also a veteran performer at their awards ceremonies.

"My mom never used to let me watch MTV as a little girl," Pink told People.

"I would watch it anyway, but she would also try and ground me."

The rebellious performer refused to accept her mother's wishes. Pink defied her punishment by doing anything she could to watch the channel. The 32-year-old mother-of-one looks back on that time with irony now she is such a big star.

"I would just sneak out my window and go to someone's house that had MTV," Pink continued. "So to be on MTV is quite ironic."

Pink will perform new material at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. The event will take place on September 6 in Los Angeles.

The star has been promoting her new album The Truth About Love recently and announced it features collaborations with Lily Allen and Eminem.