The U.K.'s expressive soul and pop singer Rumer will be the next guest on Daryl Hall's Live From Daryl’s House.

Rumer will perform with Daryl on the 57th show and Daryl is now a big fan. “Since having her on the show, I have spent some time with Rumer, and we have quickly become friends,” he said.

“She is an interesting and impressive combination of spirituality and down-to-earth ‘centeredness’ that gives her a unique perspective on what we all do as musicians and communicators. I think her seemingly ‘smooth’ style frames a very passionate view toward life. More power to her.”

One of the songs they will sing together is Gil Scott-Heron’s Be Thankful For What You’ve Got. Rumer will also sing Hall & Oates I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) with Daryl and Sara Smile, the Hall & Oates song she covered on her Boys Don’t Cry album.

“When I met Daryl, I was literally stunned,” she said. “I never really understood what ‘being in the presence of greatness’ actually meant until I was standing in a room, playing music with Daryl and his amazing band”.

“His musical presence is so incredible, that l kept thinking, ‘How did I get in here?’ Daryl Hall is a genius, a living legend who continues to write and record amazing music. He told me at dinner that his aim in life was to ‘blow people away.’ Now I know what that feels like.”

Live From Daryl’s House, featuring Rumer, will go live on August 15. Boys Don't Cry will have it's U.S. release on September 4 via Atlantic.

Here's the official video for Rumer's cover of Sara Smile.

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