Jordin Sparks says working with Whitney Houston was “amazing” as she wanted everyone to “shine”.

The singer-and-actress revealed her experiences of working with the late singer while filming their movie Sparkle. Whitney did not try to monopolise the limelight but instead was an encouraging presence on set.

"She wanted to see all of us shine," Jordin told ET Online. “It was so amazing to be able to see that 'cause she was so humble...”

The 22-year-old found Whitney’s guidance particularly helpful as the movie is her first big screen outing. Jordin portrays singer Sparkle Williams in the remake of the 1976 film.

The former American Idol winner says Whitney surprised the entire cast with her relaxed behaviour. Jordin also found it inspiring that Whitney did not feel threatened by younger actresses.

"[For] somebody with that star power to see younger women coming up and essentially wanting to take [her] place and do the same thing she did - she was OK with that," Jordin continued. "For us to be able to see that example was really, really amazing."

Whitney passed away in February this year aged 48 after she accidentally drowned in a hotel bath tub. Sparkle is the last movie the star made.