Steven Tyler has moved near to Johnny Depp because he wants to “rub noses” with people who’ve had “over-the-top” experiences.

The rocker recently quit his role as a judge on American Idol to focus on his band Aerosmith.

Although he is no longer involved with the US talent show, Steven is still enjoying the increased celebrity status he gained. The rocker joked that he decided to purchase a property in the celebrity infested area of Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles so he could continue to move in the A-list celebrity circles he has become accustomed to.

"I need to rub noses with people who've experienced over-the-top things," Steven joked to the Los Angeles Times naming Johnny Depp and Jim Carrey amongst "a bunch of other next-door neighbours I've got."

Steven is currently touring with Aerosmith. He appears to have ditched the stereotypical wild rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, admitting he often seeks comfort from two Yorkshire terrier dogs.

"Butch is the little one, I found them in a boutique in… Chicago? There was so much love,” Steven explained as he nuzzled the tiny animal. "When the show's over and the lights were too bright and I sang all [messed up], this right here — this is solace."

The 64-year-old is due to release new material with Aerosmith in November this year.