A slight departure from what’s expected of Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull’s latest video begins with slow strokes of the piano before he kicks into his signature club-tastic beats.

“Now baby lets get started for life,” he raps on “Get It Started” before the video cuts to Shakira.

The lead single from his upcoming album Global Warming, Pitbull alludes to his popularity when he raps “Only ball I drop: New Years, Times Square” and then later, “Two passports, three cities/Two countries, one day/Now that’s Worldwide.”

As the music picks up Shakira is spotted in a gorgeous gold gown before her familiar vocals enter.

shakira Pitbull And Shakira Get Things Started In New Video

“Every time I look into your eyes/I feel like I can stare in them for a lifetime.”

While the storyline involves Pitbull acting as a paparazzi to his love interest only for it all to end in a high speed car chase, it is Shakira that steals the show. Singing high above the city her feature is most memorable.

pitbull video Pitbull And Shakira Get Things Started In New Video

The video ends with a fireworks display at a concert performance by Pitbull, but Shakira is nowhere to be found. The electrifying track makes us wonder just how the two would interact onstage together.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local