Tito Jackson's daughter thinks Katherine Jackson is too old to raise Michael Jackson's children.

Tanay Jackson says that her 82-year-old grandmother is not the right person to take care of Paris, Prince and 'Blanket'.

She told American TV show 'Inside Edition': "I don't think she should raise the kids. I understand that she is attached to them and she has been raising them and that's probably why she still wants to have a little bit more involvement."

The aspiring singer added: "I think she needs a rest."

Instead Tanay thinks Tito's 34-year-old son TJ - who won temporary custody of his cousins last week - is the right person to care for Michael's offspring.

She said: "The best person to raise them would be TJ. He's younger. He's a dad himself and he's become a father figure to Michael's kids. They like him very much, that I know."

Tanay also spoke out about the public spat between Janet and 14-year-old Paris.

She revealed: "Janet means very well. She knew that Paris did all the tweets and that's probably why she wanted to take Paris' phone away, so she wouldn't continue to cause all that hoopla."

Since the interview, Taryll Jackson - the middle of Tito's three boys - denied Tanay is even his half-sister.
Referring to an earlier interview she gave, he tweeted on Sunday (29.07.12): "Tanay Jackson is NOT related to us."

In 2008 Tanay - then 25 - filed a petition in a Brooklyn Family Court to declare that the former Jackson 5 member is her father, according to the New York Post.