Victoria Beckham reportedly feels she's been "emotionally blackmailed" into performing with the Spice Girls at the Olympics.

The iconic British girl band are rumoured to have been confirmed for the sporting event's closing ceremony, with reports that Victoria fears the reunion could damage her fashionista reputation.

The high-profile star has forged a successful fashion career since the band went their separate ways, and Victoria is said to be feeling "forced" into reliving her music career one last time.

"Victoria's not happy about it. She thinks it could make a mockery of everything she's worked so hard to do. She's been saying: 'I can't sing and I can't dance anymore.' She doesn't want or need to be known as a Spice Girl now," a source told British magazine Closer.

"She says she feels 'emotionally blackmailed.' She can't back out without causing a fuss, which she knows will make her look bad, so she feels like she has to do it."

The Spice Girls split in 2000 and reunited for a tour in 2007. Victoria has since made it clear she has no interest in performing again, but reportedly has accepted she'll have to do this as a one-off.

"She's got New York Fashion Week coming up and is already working around the clock, so the timing is bad. In public she's having to be gracious about the honour and [husband] David is telling her to accept it and try to enjoy it," the source added.

"But she worries criticism of her performance could damage her fashion brand's reputation."