Tony Bennett nearly missed his onstage cue at a show on Friday as he was so engrossed by the London Olympics Opening Ceremony.

The iconic crooner was performing at the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival on Friday night - the same evening the 2012 Olympic Games kicked off in the UK capital.

Sources told the New York Post that Tony almost missed his set because he was “laughing so much” in the wings watching Daniel Craig and Britain's Queen Elizabeth’s James Bond scene - which saw the duo "parachute" into the Olympic stadium.

“Tony couldn’t hear his name called to start his set,” the insider added.

Tony needn't have worried though, as when he did take the stage on the French Riviera he was given a standing ovation by the adoring audience.

Tony, 85, is still performing after an illustrious music career. The star has worked with the likes of the late Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga and is astounded by the talent in the charts these days.

“I [think Gaga has] the possibility of becoming the Picasso of music. She’s very, very talented,” he has previously said. “She’s different to any performer I’ve met during my whole career because she recreates herself on a daily basis. I can’t believe her energy and her intelligence.”