Jennifer Lopez is reportedly prepared to go “the whole nine yards” with beau Casper Smart.

The 43-year-old superstar and her 25-year-old backup dancer lover have been dating since the breakdown of her marriage to Marc Anthony last year.

Jennifer is still in the process of getting a divorce, but a future wedding to Casper may be in the cards.

“If Casper wanted to elope tomorrow, she’d say yes,” a source told the US edition of OK! magazine. “They’ve talked babies, marriage, the whole nine yards.”

Apparently Casper isn’t afraid to call the shots.

“While she’s a huge presence and an A-lister, in the bedroom Casper is in control,” the source explained.

“He isn’t afraid to say what he thinks or stand up to her; he knows she’s ‘J.Lo’ but that at home she’s just the normal mom who’s cooking breakfast for the kids.”

Jennifer’s loved ones are skeptical about whether or not the relationship will last.

“The age gap is bound to become an issue,” the insider said. “And as much as Jennifer loves the idea of marriage, she’s not necessarily great at it. It involves a lot of compromise and that isn’t her strong suit. But right now, Jennifer and Casper are crazy about each other and friends are bracing for a wedding announcement.”