Tate is no longer a member of the group but filed suit claiming control of the band name. Members Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson and Scott Rockenfield received a preliminary injunction back on July 13 that stopped Tate from blocking their use of Queensryche until further court proceedings.

Unfortunately, Tate has not relinquished control of many things the band needs to carry on, including their website and other social media accounts. That forced the members to file a response in court on July 25 which, in part, read:

Since the defeat of the preliminary injunction, Plaintiff Geoff Tate has continued to interfere with Defendants' forward progress to tour under the QUEENSRŸCHE name. This includes refusal to relinquish control of Queensryche.com and other Internet and social media accounts, challenging the Defendants from taking control from the registering entity of Queensryche.com, and announcing to the national press through a surrogate of Mr. Tate's 'encouragement by the judge' to tour as his own QUEENSRŸCHE. Mr. Tate has also announced on his website his apparent intention to release an album this fall under the moniker 'Voice of QUEENSRŸCHE' and utilizing a stylized version of the QUEENSRŸCHE entity-owned Tri-Ryche symbol. There is no authority in the articles or bylaws of Tri-Ryche Corporation [which controls all QUEENSRŸCHE name and trademark rights] allowing a minority shareholder to use these corporate assets without authorization from the directors. All parties expressly agree as stated in prior pleadings and submissions that the name QUEENSRŸCHE and associated marks belong to the Tri-Ryche Corporation.

How long can all of this drama go on? Well, according to a story at Blabbermouth, the trial is set for November 18, 2013.

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