TJ Jackson reportedly “won’t allow his grandmother to speak to any of her children.”

The 82-year-old matriarch lost custody of her late son Michael’s three children – Paris, Prince and Blanket – on Wednesday. Temporary charge was bestowed on the siblings’ 34-year-old cousin TJ.

Katherine’s lawyer Perry Sanders Jr. informed X17 Online Thursday that actions were being taken to reinstate her guardianship “ASAP”.

Although Katherine is now back at home with her grandchildren, attorney Perry and other family members are having trouble speaking with her.

“TJ won't allow Perry to do his job and won't allow his grandmother to speak to any of her children,” a source told the website.

Trent Jackson - the nephew of Michael’s father Joe Jackson – had been looking after Katherine and the children before she left for an Arizona spa. There has been speculation he has been behind many of the problems of the last week.

Although Trent was reportedly terminated from his post by Katherine days ago, he remains on the property.

“Trent and the security team, who Katherine fired already, are refusing to leave the premises,” the source revealed. “They also won't answer the phone at the house. Family members are worried sick about Katherine's safety. Once again, they are using trickery. "

The Jacksons are thought to be feuding over Michael’s will, as some family members believe the document is fraudulent.