Alice Cooper says a guy with a "high whiny scream" sounds like he's "crying over stolen candy".

The 64-year-old musician's career spans more than four decades and he is regularly hailed as one of rock music's greatest stars. Alice has an impressive heavy metal scream and has advised an eager fan on how to perfect the art of rock-inspired sounds.

"Most screams come out of frustration, so you need more frustration in your life. If they're not coming out right now, wait a while, life will definitely give you plenty of reasons to give that throat a good workout," he quipped in an agony aunt style feature in kerrang! magazine.

"For now, maybe you should step back and find the guy with the guttural scream for the band. A guy with the high whiny scream sounds like he's crying over stolen candy or something."

Alice also dished out advice to a girl who was getting teased by friends because she wants to be a vampire. The rock legend insisted the feeling would soon pass.

"Well, a vampire in spirit is certainly OK, but you don't want to be drinking blood because who knows where that's been!" he deadpanned.

"Vampirism is a romantic phase everyone goes through - though personally, I wanted to be Zorro - and as long as you appreciate that this desire is born of total fantasy and it makes you happy, that's fine. Later on you'll probably want to be Beyoncé...."