Pete Wentz has joked his favourite Halloween costume is the “swoop” hairstyle he had for five years.

The American musician is a regular on Twitter and invited fans to quiz him on the site earlier this morning. Many of his admirers posted questions, with one wondering what Pete’s favourite spooky outfit is.

The star poked fun at the look he famously used to rock, which included lashings of dark eye make-up and floppy hair.

“that one with the eyeliner and the swoop that went on for like 5 years. halloween erryday woo (sic)!” he wrote.

Another fan asked Pete for help with a tattoo she is considering. She questioned which animal she should have inked in his honour, with the star suggesting a dolphin.

Questions quickly turned to music, with one Twitter user asking if Pete’s band Fall Out Boy are planning a change of direction when they make a comeback.

“[The band will be] exactly the same,” he wrote. “TRL [Total Request Live] will be back on the air and george bush has only been president for 4 years, 4 more to go woo (sic)!”

The group went on hiatus in 2009 and it’s unknown if they are planning to get back together.

He also had some kind words for Lana Del Rey, calling her “a sweet friend [and] talented artist”.