Carly Rae Jepsen says the concept behind her Teen Choice Awards performance started “with a dream”.

The singer and her team brainstormed several different ways to stage her hit track Call Me Maybe at the end of the ceremony on Sunday.

Once they conjured up what they wanted the performance to look like, they approached organisers to see if they could pull it off.

"I had a big team to help me, but it started with a little bit of a dream. We started imagining the show of our dreams and what that would look like," Carly told MTV. "And we reached out to Teen Choice to see if it would be possible, and they helped us put it all together."

The singer donned a lavender playsuit, jumping around the stage for a high energy performance of the song. A video featuring some of the night's guests singing along to the hit was played in the background, interwoven with viral videos made by Carly’s fans.

The Canadian singer says her creativity doesn’t stop there. In fact the 26-year-old makes sure her performances are always different which keeps things interesting for her and the audience.

"We like to do a little bit of a twist to it every single time so it's not the exact same show, the exact same performance," the star said. "[For example, this time] instead of girl dancers, we have boy dancers."