Christina Aguilera apparently wanted to marry her first serious boyfriend.

The singer dated Jorge Santos for around two years. At the time, Christina would freely talk about how much she wanted to settle down.

"She brought up marriage. For me I was 18 and definitely not ready," he explained.

The now 31-year-old star and her beau liked partying together. Christina has been pictured looking the worse for wear several times with her current boyfriend Matthew Rutler and has been arrested for being drunk in public.

"We went out and drank together and had a blast. So it doesn't surprise me that she goes out now," dancer Jorge told National Enquirer.

He claims to be the one who called time on the romance as he wanted to focus on his job. Jorge isn't sure Christina would have been supportive of his career.

"I was ready to keep dancing and I think she wanted me to just be there for her, on her path," he said. "I wanted to do more than be just Christina's boyfriend."