Pink thinks people are willing to collaborate with her now because she’s “softened”.

The star’s new record The Truth About Love is out later this year and she’s already warned her fans it isn’t as rage-filled as her usual material.

She’s now confirmed British singer Lily Allen appears on the record and is thrilled people finally want to work with her.

“For the last 14 years, everyone has said no [to collaborations]. But this album, everyone said yes! And I think that’s because people think I’ve softened. I think people maybe think I bite!" she laughed to AMP Radio.

The lead single from the album is called Blow Me (One Last Kiss) and Pink loved it as soon as she heard it. She thinks it is the ultimate pop tune.

“I just instantly wanted to rip my clothes off and dance and drink and just blow off steam. Yeah, it’s a break up song. I’m still exercising some demons, but it’s so fun and I feel like I wake up every morning and it’s a dance party and that’s kind of how my record is,” she has said.