Russell Brand has joked about the “wheelchair porn” he and Katy Perry partook in during their brief marriage.

The British comedian's divorce from the stunning singer was finalised recently after splitting from the star in December of last year.

During Russell’s appearance on Howard Stern's Sirius/XM radio show, the star responded to the host’s claim that the “sex wasn't freaky enough.”

“She was very willing to do wheelchair porn,” Russell laughed. “That woman spent ninety percent of our marriage in a little electric wheel chair.

“I don't want porn anymore… There is no market for it in my life. I've got no kind of weird predilections especially.”

Although there have been several rumours to the contrary, Russell declares that he never had a problem with Katy’s religious parents.

“No, they were lovely,” Russell said. “We had a really great relationship actually. When you say that they are Christians, Howard, they are not… stiff… Her dad came from sort of a crazy background, and her mom went to Berkeley in like the Sixties. They were more born again Christians, so I think they kind of identified with me.”

Russell is now in a relationship with Isabella Brewster.