How can we turn around one of the worst summers on record?....its time to call in Stan.

Reality TV guru Dean 'Midas' Maynard wants radio stations and DJ's to play Stan's song called 'Suntan', for the people of the UK to sing along and send their positive thoughts towards the sky.

Kevin Stagg who co-wrote the song back in the nineties said "The world is finally ready for Stan and Suntan. It's time to lighten up and have some fun !!!!!! This track can stop the rain"

People may laugh, but who can forget the 'Rhianna Curse' in 2007. As soon as the song got to number one, London's 20 °C heat turned in to 10 weeks of rain...can Stan have the opposite effect? Let's try!

Dean said today "I know this sounds crazy, but what have we got to lose. It will soon be Autumn, so lets join together and try our just never know".

Dean concluded "To make this work, the track has to be played to get the positive, fun energies in people's homes, offices and cars".

To speak to Dean who is fronting the Stan project please contact