In a rare interview with MSN, the usually private Jack White opens up and talks about his vulnerabilities.

During the interview Jack admitted that in his White Stripes days he worried too much about what other people thought: “I just sat in the corner, pondering, letting it torture me…you just can’t win – the judgement that’s thrown on you is unbearable.”

Jack also admitted that he covered the song You Just Can’t Win by Van Morrison as a result of this anxiety.

Perhaps unsurprisingly then, when asked what was the one song he most wished he had written, Jack said Grinnin’ in Your Face by Son House – a song about how people will always talk about you and that a true friend is hard to find.

Commenting on the interview, James Hurley, MSN’s Music Editor said: ““Jack is famously reluctant to describe his inner feelings, so it was fascinating to hear him open up about dealing with other people’s expectations.”

The full interview with Jack can be viewed here from 9:00am tomorrow (20 July 2012). The interview coincides with Jack’s upcoming performance at next month’s iTunes Festival.