Kanye West was reportedly “blindsided” by his girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s recent revelation.

The rapper and the reality TV star began dating publicly in April.

According to the US edition of OK! magazine, Kim is not happy with the way her fans online are reacting to her relationship with Kanye.

“Kim has Google alerts on her cellphone, laptop and iPad; if the number of alerts goes down, she starts to panic,” a source told the publication.

“[Kanye] was pretty blown away when she told him that Internet searches for her name are down since she began dating him, and that she wasn’t happy.

“Kanye’s crazy about Kim and he’s in this thing for love. Part of him always knew Kim liked the publicity, but he was really blindsided when she told him she wasn’t happy.”

Kanye’s friends are reportedly worried about how his relationship with Kim will impact his life.

“His pals are telling him to walk away,” the source revealed. “They say he’s making a fool out of himself and she’s treating him like an accessory. His friends are worried it’s undermining any credibility he’s got with his R&B fans by being a complete doormat.”

Kim is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce with Kris Humphries after she ended their 72-day marriage last year.