The Wanted’s collaboration with Rita Ora won’t appear on the new album if it’s “too extravagant”.

Band member Siva Kaneswaran has been discussing progress on their latest record, which is due out in November. The British boy band have teamed up with a host of big names including Rita, but Siva insists the tracks won’t be used unless they are up to scratch.

“We are working on the next album and it’s going to be a worldwide album, so everyone can hear it. We have been working with Rita Ora, Dappy, LMFAO. We have been doing loads of tracks, but, on the other side of that if the track is good enough it will go on the album, not because of the collaboration, but because we are stubborn,” he told BBC Newsbeat.

“Unless they are really, really good they won’t be on the album. A few songs are definitely going to make it, but some songs are a bit too extravagant. But it’s all good, we are just excited.”

Siva is thrilled to see Rita’s career taking off. The protégé of Jay-Z has enjoyed worldwide success with songs such as R.I.P. and she supported Coldplay on tour this year.

“She is a lovely girl. She wasn’t big when I worked with her - she was just about on the cusp, but now she has just exploded,” Siva explained. “I am very proud of her and she is a nice girl and it’s good to see good people doing well.”

Siva is excited about The Wanted’s new album. He believes there will be tracks which will appeal to a whole range of people.

“I think it’s going to be another one of those mixed bags, anthemic, some slow songs, but I think something for everyone again,” he added.