Jared Leto reportedly still holds a flame for Scarlett Johansson.

The pair dated in 2004 but Scarlett went on to marry Ryan Reynolds. They are now divorced and her love life has become something of an unknown quantity – with reports linking her to Bradley Cooper and an advertising executive called Nate Naylor.

It’s been suggested Jared is still hung up on Scarlett.

“Jared still holds out hope that they might get back together again. She was the only girl to ever break his heart and he still talks about her all the time,” a source told National Enquirer.

Scarlett reportedly likes the attention she has been receiving from the actor-and-musician.

They are still in touch and she has been regularly taking his calls. She also apparently takes special care with her clothes, hair and make-up when she knows they are going to be at the same events.

“One time she even took a call from Jared during [a] romantic dinner,” the insider laughed.