LA power pop rockers Redd Kross return with their first album in 15 years, Researching The Blues.

Steve McDonald previously revealed that they were working on their first album since 1997’s Show World.

Finally all the relevant details have emerged about Researching The Blues. It’ll be out on August 10 and will feature ten new songs, crisply fitting into 32 minutes of music McDonald told us is “designed to make you happy”.

That’s the cover art up there, the tracklisting down there, and our long chat with Steve McDonald about the new album and their career, underneath that. Nice.

1. Researching The Blues
2. Stay Away From Downtown
3. Uglier
4. Dracula’s Daughters
5. Meet Frankenstein
6. One Of The Good Ones
7. The Nu Temptations
8. Choose To Play
9. Winter Blues
10. Hazel Eyes