Legendary Swedish hardcore act Refused will make their first ever TV appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

The iconic, genre-altering hardcore band reunited this year to finally, properly play the songs from their landmark Shape Of Punk To Come album of 1998.

Their live shows have become folklore already, with critics gushing about the intensity of the band, making them a must-see act at subsequent festivals and during their headlining US run of dates.

They’ve even been rumoured for next year’s Big Day Out, depending on how much credence we put in the recent “leaked” posters.

Now, it has been announced that they will make their very first television appearance ever on the impeccably cool Late Night With Jimmy Fallon next Wednesday 18 July. This is kinda hard to imagine for fans of the resolutely political band the first time around – Refused? On a tonight show? – but we can’t wait to see what the audience make of it.

They might just play the song below. That should tear some heads off.