London’s most unconventional and unforgettable duo, Noisettes aka Dan Smith and Shingai Shoniwa take us on a musical adventure, taking us straight back to the sixties with lead single ‘That Girl’, released August 13th.

Embarking on a new musical era, the dynamic duo have served up a rootsy, pop-soul stomper - ‘That Girl’, taken from the band's long awaited new album ‘Contact’ released August 27th. With a sound reminiscent to great bands of the golden sixties, the single will have you tapping along to its infectious swinging beat.

The bands latest album, ‘Contact’ marks the magnificent return of Noisettes, and boy have they been missed. The album is an eclectic mix of everything that the world loves about this duo; intoxicating, emotionally evoking, with a hint of uplifting, funky beats.

"‘Contact’ for us, is like a film from beginning to end, musically, lyrically, emotionally” says Shingai. “The album starts with a big thirty piece orchestra and ends with just Dan and I singing and just the cackling of the wood and the flames of the fire for accompaniment.”