One Direction band members Harry Styles and Liam Payne have revealed their weird dreams.

The pop stars have been propelled to superstardom without their feet having time to touch the ground.

And in a telling interview with Britain’s The Sun newspaper, the boys say they have been having restless nights scattered with bizarre nocturnal stories.

Harry and Liam say that they are haunted by nightmares of being back at school and their success never happened.

“I had a dream that I woke up in maths like that,” Harry shared. “I’ve never had a dream where I felt famous.”

He says he now makes up for it by touching as many famous people as possible in real life.

But Liam’s admission was more worrying and may lead him to having a few therapy sessions.

“I dream of being back at school a lot and have been naked a few times,” he revealed.

“And I have been in the park naked on a climbing frame.”