Keith Emerson was recently interviewed by Classic Rock magazine to talk about Emerson, Lake & Palmer's upcoming reissue campaign.

According to the Ultimate Classic Rock website, Emerson talked at length about the perception by the media that their 70's stage show, which went beyond just the music, was excessive. At the time, they employed such theatrics as a grand piano that spun around in the air along with other instruments that moved around the stage.

Emerson's problem with the criticism was that there were other progressive rock bands that were doing the same thing at the time and, in particular, Peter Gabriel during his time with Genisis.

No disrespect to Peter Gabriel, but I never got his approach to theatrics in Genesis. What was he trying to prove by dressing up as a flower? That’s pretentious. What we did was become showmen, yet we get hammered for it, while everyone applauds Gabriel.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer's first two albums, their self titled debut and Tarkus, will be released in three-disc sets on September 11.

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