has a lengthy, fascinating interview with Stephen Stills that delves into the various guitars and equipment he has used over the years along with some insight into the various bands with which he has played and those that have influenced him such as Jimi Hendrix.

The real revelation of the interview, though, is his comments on the possibility of a new Crosby, Stills & Nash album. The trio has not released a studio album since 1999 and, if what he says it's true, that may have been their recording swan song.

Talking with Joe Bosso, Stills said "But an album? We won't make another album, we won't finish one…"

A bit later, Stephen was asked about the long overdue covers album.

You should ask David. I was getting along fine. I'm not inferring anything, but I… I had an idea for 20 years of making the album we wish we'd written. We started picking songs and stuff.

Some of the choices Rick made were pretty off the wall, but we tried them. We sang Uncle John's Band for an entire tour… and never really did understand what it was about! [laughs]

What you can look forward to is a four-CD career retrospective from Stills with music from his teen years through Buffalo Springfield, Manassas, CS&N and his solo career.

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